Office LAN Installation and Maintenance Services

IT Security Assessment / Virus Disinfection
  • Sourcing and disinfection of virus or spyware inside the computer
  • Preventing data loss and tighten company networking security is a major concern in this issue
  • All works will be implemented by Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) / Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) as a guarantee to security best practices
  • Once the server or client computer is infected by virus, it must be immediately identified and disinfected to prevent further spread out of virus through the whole network, severe data loss and hard disk corruption may not be recoverable when the situation get worse
  • Spyware like Trojan may hide inside the system and it will loosen the security of the whole network; thus causing important information/data to be stolen or corrupted without being noticed
  • All works will be performed by CheckPoint Certified Security Engineers (CCSE) to guarantee customer satisfaction

  • Computer Installation and Maintenance
  • Apply patching to Microsoft Windows based O/S
  • Microsoft will release updated versions of service packs or patches for different O/S at a certain time interval of the year, these service packs or patches must be applied to the existing O/S immediately to an assure error-free operation
  • To ensure an optimize performance of the existing system by performing a routine system tune-up
  • All works will be performed by Microsoft Certified Software Engineers (MCSE) as a guarantee to our customer satisfaction

  • Office LAN Setup
  • Consultation and setting up of office local area network
  • Structured Cabling System (Cat-5/Cat-6/OM3 optical fibre cable)
  • Provide wireless lan (WLAN) solutions and VPN (SSL/PPTP) to increase the efficiency of SME office network mobility and future expansion
  • We use world-class routers and all work will be done by Certified Project/Computer/Network Professional (PMP/CCNP/CCDP/CCSE/CIFI) to ensure work accuracy and customer satisfcation
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